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Montana Women's Mural

The first new painting in more than 80 years, which celebrates the role of women in Montana, now graces the halls of the Montana State Capitol. Initiated by the 2011 Montana Legislature with Senate Bill 59 and supported by private donations, the mural honors the history of Montana women as community builders. It was installed in 2014 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of woman suffrage in Montana.

Senate Bill 59 responds directly to the question "where are the women?":

"...with few exceptions, this story of Montana's past is not represented in the capitol's art, and a mural commemorating Montana women's contribution to the history and government of the state would enrich and more accurately tell Montana's story to its citizens and visitors alike.

Women across the state pioneered the social institutions now considered part of the fabric of community life. The Montana Women's Mural honors women's diverse roles in family life and as business leaders, educators, healthcare providers, scientists, ranchers, and "community builders."

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