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Consulting with Montana SHPO

The Montana SHPO consults on projects that are subject to historic preservation laws to ensure federal and state projects consider the effects of their work on cultural resources. The Montana State Antiquities Act and the National Historic Preservation Act guide most of the historic preservation work in the state.

Projects may include landscape modification (e.g., logging, mining, prescribed burns), construction, rehabilitation, demolition, licenses, permits, transfer of federal property, etc. Most historic preservation-driven employment in Montana is through federal projects, work through State Agencies, and private CRM firms closely behind. 

Any undertaking on FEDERAL LAND, using FEDERAL FUNDS, or requiring FEDERAL PERMITS must comply with SECTION 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

Any project on STATE LAND must comply with the MONTANA STATE ANTIQUITY ACT.

Learn more about the four steps of the Section 106 consultation process and the Montana Antiquities Act by exploring the Guide to Consulting with Montana SHPO documents and videos. 

New! 2023 Guide to Consulting with Montana SHPO



Video: The Four Steps to Consulting with the Montana SHPO 

Video: Montana's Antiquities Act 

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