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Montana SHPO Forms and File Transfer


Explore the tabs below to find guidelines, instructions, and forms for recording and transferring cultural resource and historic site data and inventory reports to and from Montana SHPO.


Please review our Digital Data Use Agreement current FEE SCHEDULE for file searches and data requests. The data use agreement must be completed for each individual within an organization, institution, or agency that is requesting digital data from the Montana SHPO. Site, Inventory, and GIS files will not be given out until this has been received. 

Completed forms should be emailed to Damon Murdo ( 

Request a File Search (RF): 

Request Cultural Resource Data (RD): 

Which RD Form should I use? 
Use RD Form 1 to request cultural resource inventory reports and site records after you have read and signed the Data Use Agreement and completed a File Search. 
Use RD Form 2 if you have not performed a file search or to request additional inventory reports, site forms, GIS, or other data. 


Consulting with Montana SHPO:

  • Montana SHPO’s Consultation Guidelines and Procedures (HTML)
  • Checklist: What to Submit for Consultation (PDF)

Submit Data (SD), e.g, inventory reports, GIS, site records:

  • Report Submittal Form (aka CRABS Form) (Word) (PDF)
  • Instructions and Coding Guide for Report Submittal Form (PDF)
  • Submitting files to SHPO: Instructions (PDF)


(Instructions for submitting files)
*Note: State of Montana File Transfer Service account required.

Obtaining a Smithsonian Number:

  • Smithsonian Instructions (PDF)

Cultural Site Records:

Isolated Finds:

Paleontological Information:

Stone Circles:

Architecture/Engineering Record: (aka "Historic Property Record")

National Register Nominations and Property Research:

  • NRN Form (PDF)
  • Montana Property Research Guide (PDF)
  • How to complete National Register Forms (