Montana Historical Society

Big Sky ~ Big History


Pete Brown, State Historic Preservation Officer
(406) 444-7718

  • MHS historic preservation program manager
  • Staff supervision
  • Historic preservation planning, goals, objectives, policies and priorities
  • Programmatic agreements and partnerships
  • Comments, commendations and complaints

John Boughton, National Register Coordinator
(406) 444-3647

  • Inquiries regarding NR listing or listed properties
  • Creates, edits and submits NR nominations to the State Review Board and the Keeper
  • Significance of Historical Properties

Vacant, Historic Architecture Specialist
(406) 444-7717

  • Tax Act project development and review
  • Technical assistance for structural rehabilitation and restoration
  • Lead Section 106 review for architectural properties
  • CDBG, CTEP, Travel MT, Art Council and Cultural Trust Grant Review

Melissa Munson, Administrative Assistant
(406) 444-7715

  • Correspondence tracking and database entry
  • Maintains Service Directory, mailing lists
  • General information and telephone assistance

Damon Murdo, Cultural Records Manager
(406) 444-7767

  • Management of Montana Cultural Resource Database and Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Conducts File Searches for federal and state agencies
  • Recommendations regarding need for inventory or other identification efforts


Cherese Gerhardt, Grants Contracts Coordinator
(406) 444-7768

  • Contract preparation and budget review
  • Audit reports
  • Fee invoices
  • Preservation grant applications and reporting

Kate Hampton, Community Preservation Coordinator
(406) 444-7742

  • Coordinator for certified local governments/local preservation offices
  • Historical survey, community district and thematic NR nominations
  • Information and assistance regarding listed properties, preservation grants, and heritage education resources

Vacant, Cultural Records Assistant
(406) 444-4724

  • GIS Data technician 
  • Issues Smithsonian Numbers for newly located archaeological, historic, and paleontological sites.
  • Performs site form data requests.

Laura Evilsizer, Compliance Officer
(406) 444-7719

  • Primary section 106 compliance contact
  • Historical property types eligibility and effect
  • Section 106 training, PA and MOA development
  • Compliance information assistance

Jessica Bush, State Archaeologist
(406) 444-0388

  • Archaeological and Traditional Cultural Properties consultation
  • State Antiquities Permits
  • General guidance, technical assistance and heritage education
  • Native American consultation/Burial Board

Laura Marsh, Compliance Officer
(406) 444-6485

  • Section 106 Compliance (parttime)