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Montana Mosaic

The Montana Historical Society's NEH-funded DVD, Montana Mosaic: 20th-Century People and Events, has two primary objectives:

1. to expose teachers and students to new primary source material, and

2. To facilitate rigorous intellectual inquiry and discussion of twentieth-century topics.

The DVD's twelve episodes use a combination of historical photographs from the archives of the Montana Historical Society and KUFM-Montana PBS, original footage, and interviews to explore important episodes of Montana's twentieth-century history. The unique stories told in Montana Mosaic reveal Montana's connections to both national and international trends, and each episode explores one or more of the following broad themes: industrialization and deindustrialization, relocation and dislocation, ethnic migration, federalization, environmentalism, and progressivism.

Montana Mosaic is a supplement to the state's curriculum and each story aligns with Montana State Social Studies Standards and the Essential Understandings Regarding Montana Indians. (Please see the user guides for more specific information.)

Copies of Montana Mosaic: 20th-Century People and Events were sent to every public middle and high school library in Montana. You can download classroom user guides below.

Chapter 1: When Copper Was King

Chapter 2: Homesteading

Chapter 3: The Great Depression

Chapter 4: Dislocation/Relocation

Chapter 5: Ethnic Migration

Chapter 6: Federal Indian Policy

Chapter 7: Montana's Resource Driven Economy, 1940s-1960s

Chapter 8: Montana's Quiet Revolution 1965-1975

Chapter 9: A Clean and Healthful Environment

Chapter 10: The Anaconda Copper Mining Company

Chapter 11: The Arts and Humanities in Montana

Chapter 12: Montana's Response to Global Conflict